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Shipping & Freight Details

Ordering an Out of Stock Part

If a part is out of stock, you have the ability to request that it be ordered and delivered as soon as possible (with an machine down order) or simply ordered on a stock order. This request is made on the checkout page, which is viewable by clicking the Cart button on the parts ordering page. This will notify the parts salesman that an urgent or rush order has been placed. Increased shipping charges may be incurred with this order type.

Expedited Shipping

 To request a part be shipped as soon as possible (emergency order), select the "Machine Down" option on the cart page. When you select the Yes option, the dealer will order the part from the depot dealership the next day in most cases. Please note that a freight charge is usually associated with emergency orders. FLASH+ orders always incur an additional charge. Contact your dealer about the details. 

Stock Orders

 If a part is not needed urgently (stock order), select the "Stock Order" option on the cart page. The part will be ordered on the next stock order and will arrive in approximately one to two weeks.